Fact is, a wedding is stressful! I know because I’ve had one. Aunt Bernadette is misbehaving, it’s raining, and the DJ is nowhere to be seen. The thing is, though, if our team is preserving your wedding day story, that is one thing that will go very, very right.

Love. Moments. People. These are the 3 ingredients we focus on. Sure, you’ll have a beautiful locale, a stunning flower set up, a magnificent dress. However what we focus on is how your face outshines the moon, and the awed look when your man sees you take those first steps toward him and your future together. Focusing on those moments and the people you share them with, that is what makes the day. And that is how we carve your story onto every mind and heart that views our work.

We are a family business based and operating throughout Tasmania offering a package deal for both wedding photography and videography. Together we can offer a quality service that will capture your unique moments to be proud of for a lifetime.

Joanna Ormandy.

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