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A little more about us….

What does Romance, Perfectionism and Hard Work have in common? All are values my team and I are dedicated to and will make your day the best one yet! Watch this video to get to know us even better.

Why did you get into weddings?

We had a vision. We saw that even though the market is not short on providing wedding video and photography, we could offer a package to benefit both you and us. Often times Photographers and Videographers have a hard time getting on during the shoots. As brothers, we work well together and can make the shoots go so much smoother and therefore can provide a better quality service.

When did you first start weddings?

Shem was 8 yrs old when he assisted photographing his first wedding, dragged along by his Dad, so photography skills run in the family. Video and Photos is a language we have been speaking from a very early age. We have used this in other professional fields but have recently decided to focus our skills on weddings. It’s so much more rewarding.  

What Gear do you use?

Sure, we have cutting edge gear. But like any skilled craftsmen would tell you, it is not about the tools. It’s what you do with them. That attitude is one of the most important pieces of ‘gear’ we could have.